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Concrete Lifting Canada is the most cost effective way to fix concrete. We lift and level concrete slabs.  Void filling and joint/slab stabilization. Homeowners, building owners and infrastructure departments are all taking advantage of this affordable and practical solution.


Improve your curb appearance by fixing unsightly cracked and uneven concrete sidewalks. Perfect for stamped concrete these small holes can blend into faux grout lines saving you thousands of dollars in replacing high-end stamped concrete.


No more speed bumps entering your drive-up garage. Re-level with Concrete Lifting Canada.

Fraction of the Cost for Replacement!

Support lifting equipment pad

Industrial support pad lifting

Commercial / Agricultural

Municipal and Transporation Improvements

CLC 401 4lb foam designed for heavy loads, roadways, bridge approaches, platform bases, factory/warehouse floor and high traffic areas.

Zero excavation. A non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime.  Little to no revenue loss due to operational shutdown. Treat area is ready to use in hours not days!

Over time, the fill beneath a concrete slab erodes or settles due to poor compaction during construction, water intrusion or heavy use causing the slab to lose stability and settle. Our concrete lifting is the process of injecting a specialized polyurethane lifting foam underneath settled or unstable slabs to raise and support them.  The process is faster, cleaner, less invasive and less expensive than replacing concrete. It is a repair that will outlast the life of your concrete, but is easily to remove when the time comes to replace the slab.

Why Concrete Settles

  • Trip Hazards

  • Pooling Water in low spots

  • Slabs pitching into a foundation

  • The bump as you pull into your garage

  • Slab vibration

  • Rocking slab

  • Correct drainage slope

  • Repair of misaligned slab panel

  • Equipment Stabilization

  • Curb

  • Shipping Docks

rather than replacing!
What injection foam can fix!

In Manitoba, we can thank, "Manitoba Gumbo"!  We dig out this clay for our basements and reuse this disturbed clay to in-fill garages floors, build up driveways and support walkway bases.  Then over time,  it compresses, drys out and our troubles with concrete slabs begin! Concrete slabs settles, separate and sag. Hollow voids can cause concrete to crack.


Lifting and leveling sunken driveway

Nationally Certified Installers!

Sunken concrete can be more than just an inconvenience. If left unrepaired, it can become costly in terms of commercial production, infrastructure closures, liabilities & lawsuits. 

Joint stabilization in factory floor

Commercial Joint Stabiliation

Concrete Lifting Canada can provide solutions to address problems caused by equipment loads in factories, tilting or sunken concrete floors, seams that have separate and dips which disrupt forklift loads.

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