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Foundation Crack Repair
Walkways, Driveways and Floors

Roadware MatchCrete™ Clear (MCC) is a two component aliphatic polyurethane for repairing cracks, spalls, and joints in concrete subject to UV exposure from sunlight. This material is clear in appearance when applied and cured. Colored sand and pigments may be added to create color stable repairs that match most any decorative style or shade of concrete surface. MCC will not significantly change color with exposure to sunlight over time. Use for repairing floor imperfections prior to concrete polishing or repairing damaged polished concrete.

The gold standard in high-performance concrete repair for almost 20 years now. “It’s thin, it gets in, and it won’t pop out!” is not just a slogan, we stake our reputation on it.  Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender is the mission critical concrete repair product you have been looking for. With a surface tension one third of water, this product gets deep into concrete surfaces and structurally bonds slabs back together.

Advantages to Roadware Matchcrete Clear!

With MatchCrete we are able to recreate surface texture, finishes and colour match existing concrete
  • Cures only has hard as the concrete. Will not become brittle like epoxy.

  • Tough repairs that can take industrial levels of punishment.


If your business is refrigerated warehousing or grocery distribution, Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ is the premier concrete repair product for keeping your floors in top condition. The unique Microdoweling™ polyurethanes in Concrete Mender™ will cure at temperatures well below -20 degrees F. ( -28 C) in just a few hours. You can repair cracks, spalls, slabs, joints, and surfaces while the warehouse is in service.

Microdoweling welding a crack together.
We can also fix "Micro Cracks" prior to allowing them to expand and cause more damage.



Slab to slab micro-doweling action, provided by Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™, links concrete slabs together, locks them in place and allows for full-traffic, dynamic-load transfer, in ten minutes. This micro-doweling action is more compatible with concrete and less re-active in harsh environments than even Poly-coated re-bar. Millions of micro-dowels penetrate, then bridge and bond, side by side, broken and jointed slabs. Hairline cracks, trench wide cracks, irregular cracks, cured control joints and variable depth spalls are candidates for this amazing technology.

In ten minutes, at 70 degrees F (21C) , this micro-doweled bond has the same compressive and shear strength as poured and fully cured concrete. This makes bond-line failures a thing of the past. Parallel re-cracking, often experienced when epoxies cure out, are eliminated with Roadware’s Microdoweling™ technology.

“Do one thing and do it very well,” is an old adage for success. We at Concrete Lifting Canada exclusively use Roadware, Inc.


Roadware Inc., is a Minnesota based product-engineering, and manufacturing firm. Established in 1991, Roadware has been instrumental in providing performance driven solutions to high-speed concrete repair needs and expansion joint technology. Owner operated, Roadware corporately represents over 70 years of hands on product development and field application experience in highway, industrial, and commercial infrastructure repair. 


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