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Get the RIGHT FOAM SYSTEM for the JOB!

Concrete Lifting Canada

Our Foam Systems:
Get It Raised Right!

Concrete Lifting Canada Inc. only uses design specific blends of lifting foam that are appropriately designed to meet the engineering requirements to raise and maintain the concrete slab in place.

16mm injection hole!

CLC-251 3 lb Density

CLC-401 4lb Density

Designed for typical residential concrete lifting. This 3lb. per cubic foot density foam has a fast reaction time with less spread. This provides more control in the lifting of the concrete slabs in your driveway, patio, pool deck, walkways, garage approaches and sidewalks.

Rocking concrete slabs or sunken dips caused by high traffic and heavy loads can lead to traffic hazards. Our CLC-401 is a 4 lb. per cubic foot foam engineered to be stronger for lifting larger slabs

CLC-401G Hydro-Insensitive

CLC-501 5lb Joint  Stabilization

CLC-601  6lb Foam Airport Runway Heavy Duty Loads

Our CLC-401G is a gas blown version of the CLC-401 that is a 4lb per cubic foot density foam.  It is hydro-insensitive qualities that make it ideal for use in wet conditions. CLC- 401G uses a gas as a blowing agent instead of water , allowing the presence of water in the soil to not affect the foam reaction, cure time or performance. CLC-401G can actually displace accumulated water situated behind a concrete wall.

Our CLC-501 5lb density foam provides a slower reaction time allowing it to disperse and spread further across the slab and joint.  Due to the distance that this foam can travel CLC-501 is excellent for under-sealing and stabilizing joints on rocking slabs caused by slab curl. It is not for lifting concrete because of a low expansion force.

Runways and very heavy load bearing concrete require a high density solution, our CLC-601 6lb per cubic foot does the job. Primary use is in the repair of commercial infrastructure. Significantly increases compression strength to increase stability.

Engineered specified foam can be custom order and tested.


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